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Warangal is the district headquarters and the second largest city in Telangana after Hyderabad. It is also one of the famous weekend getaways from Hyderabad and an important historical site in Telangana. This is one of the popular places to experience Telangana tourism.

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Hyderabad Friendship started its journey with a plan that, every member joing the online cummunity site, should be satisfied. In present days when other friendship sites are unable to provide perfect match to their registered friends, Hyderabad Friendship providing genuine online dating to the friends of hyderabad, andhra pradesh.

Fault-slip analysis along Gani—Kalva and Kona faults were performed. Abstract The sedimentary basins are often influenced by adjoining mobile belts as is the case of the Proterozoic Cuddapah basin in southern India, lying in proximity of the Eastern Ghats granulite belt EGB and the Southern granulite terrain SGT. Two major faults — Gani—Kalva and Kona faults — in the western part of the Cuddapah basin have been examined in this work to comment on the changes in paleostress conditions affecting the basin evolution punctuated by several stages of extensional and compressional regimes in the time interval 1.

The stress regimes are tentatively correlated with multiple stages of basin opening and deformation of basin in-fill, representing the pre-Grenvillian through the Pan-African orogeny. The paleostress conditions derived from various stratigraphic horizons provide an opportunity to comment on the changes in tectonic stresses including several stages of extensional and compressive regimes in the Cuddapah basin. The tensor solutions were obtained for the mesoscale faults and fault striae in the neighborhood of above two fault lines using the improved Right Dihedron method followed by the Rotational Optimization method TENSOR, Delvaux and Sperner, The most prominent stress states recorded around the two fault lines can be classified into those affecting 1 the Paleoproterozoic lower Cuddapah successions, 2 the younger Kurnool Group and 3 both the groups.

The tensor solutions from different unconformity bound stratigraphic horizons constrain different states of deformation. The present analysis lends further support to the idea that estimation of paleostress states from fault-slip data even in regions of relatively weak deformation in continental interior are important while assessing influence of plate margin stresses on the continental interior.

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Discuss issues with each other. The list does not include phishing sites however; these are intended to fool a person into believing that they are visiting a legitimate bank site for example; there are already plenty of links to these online already. I dreaded every new project, because nobody wanted me to be their partner or team member.

The Kurnool Caves, a grouping of caves near Betamcherla, Andhra Pradesh are significant Radiometric dating was carried out at the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, in and sub- PLEISTOCENE CAVE FAUNA FROM PENINSULAR INDIA. Journal of Caves and Karst Studies, April • 33 Figure 5. The entrance to Chintamani Gavi.

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Amaravati might have been a regional centre for Mauryan rule. After the death of Emperor Ashoka , Mauryan rule weakened around BCE, and was replaced by several smaller kingdoms in the Andhra region. They played an important role in the history of Deccan during the 5th and 6th century CE, with Eluru , Amaravathi and Puranisangam. They continued to rule under the protection of the Chola empire until C.

They were succeeded by the Musunuri Nayaks.

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Good Temple at a Good Location This is an amazing temple at a good location. I have to be honest that the access to this place can be a little difficult with some part of the road very bad and narrow. However the effort that I put in to drive to this place from Hyderabad was really worth it. This temple is really old and the construction also show. There is a natural spring in this place the the water at the initial stages is crystal clear.

Since we visited this place on a weekend, it was a bot crowded not compared to the crowd in Mahanandi or Srisailam. This place is still not known to many people. The staying options are minimal at this place. There are cave temples near this temple. One of them was a steep climb up inside the cave and it was a fantastic sight from the top cave with sunlight steaming into the cave through one of the crevices on top of the cave.

The temple serves free food for all devotees on all days and we had a good lunch at this place. I would sincerely recommend this to people who are visiting this place.

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