Share your link here! Followers New FanFiction Uploaded! But who will manage the plantation and your father when you are away? Tiffany unnie are still here to help you. Anyway, I have got an education certificate. I have used a lot of effort to get that, omma. Slowly, her mother nodded. Early in the morning, when the sun are just going to rise, Eunji are already at the bus stop to board a bus.

Pentagon Members Profile: Pentagon Facts (Updated!)

Let’s find out what their particular fashion staples are. While CL can rock a sporty-edgy, Park Bom is certainly the more feminine type. One of CL’s favorite airport fashion go-to item and perhaps everyone else’s is the pullover.

While there may be many artists rocking their outfits at the airport, Mnet’s “Super Idol Chart Show” recently listed down 10 K-pop artists that work it better in terms of airport fashion.

Showcasing their 3 power members, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Eunjung, as well as trying to promote their newest member, Ahreum, T-ara N4 brought out not only a dance version but also a drama version of ‘Countryside Life’. Watch the videos below if you haven’t already: First and foremost, let me explain this is an unbiased opinion.

Before their controversy, I never really followed T-ara, not being a fan or an anti-fan but just a person who listened to their music. After their controversy, I still remained that way because, hey, not my fandom, not my problem. The song The song was actually Despite my previous doubts after listening to their Japanese comeback song ‘Bunny Style’ and gagging, I actually do like this song.

It has a sort of ‘Lovey Dovey’ and ‘Roly Poly’ feel to it, those two songs basically being the songs that rose T-ara to their high popularity in the first place. Though the man rapping and was somewhat spontaneous, I really grew to like it. In fact, it kind of just gave us all a slap in the face and a “I don’t listen to T-ara because of who they are or what they did, I listen to T-ara because their music is the shit”.

Snsd dating rumors

So don’t take this post seriously. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together.

Intially, when Faddy Robot lauched, producer Shinsadong Tiger made a song to help promote the brand and called on some of Korea’s best known rappers, including Junhyung of BEAST, HyunA of 4minute, Verbal Jint, Sangchu of Mighty Mouth, Joosuc, and many others!

This story is about a girl from America who moves to Korea and finds her world turned upside down by some crazy new friends in the entertainment industry. Jaehwa finds herself having difficulties while in Korea. They help her find her way and she ends up finding herself in a whole new world or celebrities and drama. She fights to stay true to herself and help her friends as best she can. While in America she lost a friend but upon moving to Korea she finds herself reuniting with him in their new lives.

Look forward to relationships, shocking realizations, love triangles, and action.

[ENG SUB] Yong Junhyung’s 1st Album ‘GOODBYE 20’s’ Go Away MV Filming Behind

BEAST fans, your favourite group will now go under another name. The members chose to give up their previous name and begin anew as they did not want fans to wait too long for them. We are in the process of making the first studio album under this group name and working hard to show you our new improved selves. We want to thank everyone who waited for this news until now. We want to thank everyone who supported us throughout this journey.

 · Jessica – Dating Agency; Cyrano OST Part.4 [BoA Girls].rar百度云下载,收藏和分享。 盘多多 关闭搜索提示 当前位置 Junhyung (B2ST), Ha Yeon Soo, Dahee

Party needs, clothes, etc. You can always request or submit quotes. If requesting by specific Group, no need to add Member Names. You may find it super long. All the men in the world would agree. We’re not the group that will stick to one color. We will never stop reinventing ourselves. All you have to do is try again. I’m a human and it’s not possible to always be happy.

It’s good up to there, but never cut that string. I’m fearless, that’s my youth. We’re different but not wrong.

KARA Goo Hara

She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here.

Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.

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Don’t believe stuff that you have no proof of. Don’t spread shit of a group from their past just bc they don’t satisfy your tastes or are more appreciated than your faves. Please don’t stop supporting this legendary and talented group. I saw people spreading some ugly past rumours of BEAST bc of which I saw how low their rts-likes on their posts have fallen. On February 10, Hyunseung posted to Instagram, “What are they saying This is the first time I’ve heard this I used to think stars giving explanations on Instagram was uncool, but couldn’t leave this alone, “but the message has since been deleted.

The label commented, “We’ve been caught off guard.

Yong Junhyung And Goo Hara Hookup

Pre-debut[ edit ] Kim was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do , South Korea. He graduated high school along with fellow member Park Yoochun in They appeared on a show called ” Survival Audition – Heejun vs. T , SM Entertainment’s former group. Kangta praised Kim highly in the show, saying that he had potential as a lead vocalist.

[+, -8] Những gì họ chiếu trên TV chỉ là phần nổi của tảng băng thôi như Hyuna đã nói đấy, có cầu thì ắt phải có cung. Ước gì luật bảo vệ động vật có thể nghiêm khắc hơn, nhưng việc này còn rất lâu nữa mới thành hiện thực được.

D This fanfic is not mine. I just really wanted to download it because of wanting to download it. Fiction M – English – Chapters: No matter what I was it’ll sound like an excuse Even if I say this is all for you You’re not right for me Uncomfortable, as if you’re wearing clothes That don’t suit you Beautiful, but I’m losing my strength beside you too How do you think I felt watching that?

We shouldn’t have started at all I shouldn’t have looked at your eyes that first time I thought I would feel relieved after I let you go But it’s really not like that My head knows break ups My heart can’t disagree, but everyday I draw you and erase you I’ll do all the hurting and I just want you to be happy So this decision won’t be useless So we don’t regret, I’ll always pray for you is he letting her go?

It’s going to be really hard, but I’ll keep erasing I’m going to forget a little bit at a time, After time passes I’ll be able to laugh and remember Don’t say time is medicine, tell me a better way, You can receive love greater than the love I gave you You’re still beautiful, You said it would last forever In the end, we’re still the same as everyone else hyuna and junhyung went out of the building and went to their favorite cafe, walking hand in hand teasing each other they way they used to.

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Delilah is a girl from a large and wealthy family that has her neglected, only her big brothers take care of her. Her entire family has been arranged to marriage, thus making most of them just to compromise with their unhappy life. At the age of 14 she had visited a beach in Japan, by herself she walked by the shore. She was running away from the fact that her parents were preassuring her into an idol life.

Her hat had been blown off as she reached for it she noticed a young male running after it, diving into the water and swimming out to get it. It was Usui but she never learned his name she only called him the ‘guy that saved her hat’, but after that day she had never seened him again.

 · – On August 3rd , it was confirmed that E’Dawn and Hyuna have been dating since May – On August 22, Cube announced on Pentagon’s official social media that E’Dawn will be taking an indefinite hiatus for unspecified ://

Share year-old HyunA has been in the Korean pop industry for over a decade, juggling the various roles she’s filled since As a member of 4minute, HyunA was best known for her memorable, arguably polarizing vocal tone, her magnetic stage presence, and her sexy image. After fellow 4minute members Sohyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Jihyun decided not to renew their Cube Entertainment contracts in June of after seven years together, HyunA found herself in a complicated position that was made no easier by media and netizens.

HyunA’s North American The Queen’s Back Tour, then, is symbolic of the signer’s establishment as a full-time international soloist, and the perfect opportunity to connect with and thank some of the fans who have stood by her. The star, despite having her international it-girl moment after hundreds of millions around the world watched her do the horsey dance and charm Psy in “Gangnam Style,” has only performed in America once before as a soloist — back in , HyunA performed a four-song set to a crowd of K-pop fans at SXSW’s K-Pop Night Out.

Nearly three years later, she’s returned to North America, armed with five EPs of material to present to a much larger audience comprised of her loyal fanbase, affectionately named A-ings by the singer herself. The crowd was ready to scream their hearts out for the next two hours, shouting prematurely as the lights dimmed and fog engulfed the stage, only for the MC to step onto the stage and sheepishly apologize for getting their hopes up.

HyunA wisely opened the show with her single “Roll Deep,” a synth-heavy track where HyunA marvels at her own fame, success, and beauty with lyrics like “My scale is different, you can’t touch this.


Time Out Dating Marriage out dating personals, Writer Rupa Dev preferred websites which emphasized authenticity and screened people before entering their names into their databases, making it a safer environment overall, so that site users can have greater trust that it is safe to date others on the site. If you explain beautifully, a woman does not look to see whether you are handsome or not — but listens more, so you can win her heart.

Like other women in my social circle, I have certain demands for a potential mate. Also, “Mat-sun”, the blind date which is usually dating on the premise of marriage, is held often among ages of late 20s to 30s. There was a report that sexual relations among middle schoolers in Guangzhou sometimes resulted in abortions.

年3月3日,參與的綜藝節目 家族的誕生(年) ( 韓語 : 가족의 탄생 (텔레비전 프로그램) ) 播出,節目是由藝人領養流浪動物並回去照顧一段時間,除記錄牠們的成長也呼籲公眾關注動物權利議題。. 3月,泫雅公布了她個人時尚品牌「Hyuna x SPICYCOLOR」,該品牌概念定位 .

Korea Econ via Nate 1. A celebrity is a job just like any other, and what they’re showing you is just an image It’s fine to support them by watching their performances and dramas and praising and giving criticism when necessary but don’t go as far as to buy them gifts. Give that stuff to your parents, your siblings, your lover, your friends He got his lines wrong, his voice kept cracking.. I think his fans are the most responsible for making Hyunseung act so cocky like this.

Fans should learn to criticize their favorite singers when they’re out of line or not performing up to par, you can’t just sit there praising them and defending them over everything

Uncontrollably Fond

His tattoo became known after a photographer took a picture of BEAST while they were attending the ‘Seoul Character-Licensing Fair ‘ on July 21st, becoming a hot topic around online communities. Yong JunHyung is known have gotten his tattoos near the beginning of his year on his collarbone and his right forearm in English and Latin. On his collarbone, the tattoo reads in English, “Born again still your son”. From this phrase, Yong JunHyung’s love for his parents can be seen.

On his arm, the tattoo reads, “Take a hold of today. And only believe in the word ‘tomorrow’ in the smallest way you can”.

Ae Cha Jun 04 pm Just completed watching. I love Kim Woo Bin and decided to watch this drama cuz I missed his acting. This is a heart wrenching drama, I cried. I wish there are more happy moments for Joon Young before the end was really sad.

Best excuses next time you are late for work Someone has made a love confession to the beautiful guest Han Ji-min. And he did it by setting up an elaborate entrance and passing her a love note right behind her. He now has to survive till the very end in order to win. While she has to find out who that person is. The mission of the other members is to trick her into thinking they are the ones who passed her the note. Their motivation is the prize of a gold ring.

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