She is also seen in a drama series as Adrianna Tate-Duncan. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His father is Dan Lowndes and mother Suzanne Lowndes, a piano teacher. She was very much into singing and dancing from her childhood and had a passion for being a singer in the future. Jessica holds the Canadian nationality and is English, Scottish and Irish descent. She played piano at the age of 10 and had her hands on guitar too. Later she went to the field of acting when she was in high school. There is not much information available about her schooling and university and about the programs she was involved in when she was there. She was also seen in the movie Saving Milly as Andrea Kondracke debuting in the television film. Her recurring role was on a spin-off teen drama.

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Share Jessica Lowndes is treading new ground, and this time, she’s doing it by going outside her comfort zone. In the noir-inspired horror film Abattoir, based on the graphic novel of the same name, Lowndes plays Julia, a real estate reporter whose family, including her sister, is brutally murdered. Desperate to find answers, Julia goes on a mission to investigate who’s behind the killings and the events that led to the tragedy.

What she uncovers is something even she can’t fathom:

Both Taylor and Jake were spotted on dates this week, Taylor with Tron: Legacy and On The Road star Garrett Hedlund and Jake with actress Jessica Lowndes. Looks like these two have.

Nicki Swift NickiSwiftCeleb Jessica Lowndes, who’s barely famous, and Jon Lovitz, who’s famous if you’re over 30, recently launched an overwhelming press offensive to publicize their new relationship. While reps for neither Lowndes, 27, nor Lovitz, 58, could be reached by any outlet for comment, the pair have been posting nonstop Instagram photos and videos, including one of Lowndes with what looks like a diamond ring on her all-important finger.

We now know it was all an elaborate April Fool’s joke, but let’s recap the hoax that had us all losing our minds. They needed the press Jessica Lowndes is known for her role on the now-canceled reboot, if she’s known at all. She attempted a music career and failed, and her post acting career has stalled save for a few shorts and TV movies. Both stars could use whatever press attention comes their way, and there are few better ways to get it than with a romance…or a fauxmance.

The staged videos Lowndes posted a video on Instagram captioned, “When bae films you waking up in the morning…” Thing is, how many people wake up with a full face of makeup and perfectly curled hair? In the video, Lovitz can be heard insisting, “I’m not videoing you! Another thing to note?

Jessica Lowndes & Jon Lovitz are dating, reveal relationship

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Apr 20, · Jessica Lowndes has confirmed that she is not actually dating Jon Lovitz and that the whole “relationship” was a prank for her new music video. Jessica Marie Lowndes (born November 8, ) is a Canadian actress and singer.

She got fame as a drug-addicted pregnant teen on The CW teen drama series from to She is of the mixed ethnicity of English, Irish and Scotish and is of Canadian nationality. Talking about her education, she was educated through private school named Pacific Academy. At an early age she is fond of music and at the age of 10, she started playing piano and guitar. Canadian model and YouTuber Dannie Riel! Grab details about her videos, modeling assignments, and relationships here!

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In a series of Instagram posts, the actress teased followers, telling them she has been “keeping a BIG secret” and posting a shot of an older man’s hand on her thigh, with the caption “There’s a new man in my life”. Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz. Advertisement Amid other posts of flowers and love hearts and captions about having a “sugar daddy” the year-old posted a video saying she was “really excited to finally be able to share this secret with you guys”.

Her next post was a photo of an engagement ring. Lovitz, 31 years her senior, added to the intrigue, posting a photo of the pair sitting in a Bentley. The internet began frothing, but not all of it was positive.

Первый сезон знакомит зрителей с Диксоном и Энни Уилсон, братом и сестрой, чей отец Гарри переехал вместе с женой Дэбби в Беверли-Хиллз, где живёт его мать, актриса Табита.

Lowndes laid bare The singer and actor has garnered plenty of attention. Image Instagram Singer and actor Jessica Lowndes has tongues wagging once again after posting a series of provocative shots to her Instagram account. The year-old previously sent social media into semi-meltdown after appearing to reveal she was engaged to veteran comedian and Saturday Night Live favourite Jon Lovitz.

It was a declaration that had Lowndes, albeit briefly, positioned as the poster girl for DILF lovers everywhere. Up front Lowndes looks only too happy to show off her assets. Fans of Lowndes meanwhile will get another look at her in upcoming movie Abattoir. Time for my close-up The star shared some behind-the-scenes shots Image Instagram In the time since, she has also worked with Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig on the made-for-tv Lifetime parody movie A Deadly Adoption and could yet return to the genre in the coming months.

Whether Deja Vu leads to an album is unlikely — despite releasing 13 singles since her debut Fool, Lowndes has yet to release a full album.

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Who is silver in ? Sliver was Annie’s first friend when she moved to Beverly Hills and she is Annie’s brother’s girlfriend. She also used to be friends with Naomi now they are just the kind of friends who are nice to each other but only talk on the rarest of ocasions. Naomi got Silver reservations at the hotel that Naomi is staying at for Silvers valentines day with Dixon.

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Beautiful and very talented American actress Erin Krakow is a name not many TV series lovers won’t know. Professionally, she has made a good name for herself and people adore her contribution to the industry. But when many people adore you for your professional achievements, people often tend to be very interested in your personal life as well. Also, speculations of her dating her co-star are spreading like wildfire. So let’s have a look at that very rumor.

Is Krakow Dating her co-star?

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Details are being kept under wraps save for leaked spoilers regarding a cliffhanger ending. That would most likely be retooled considering fans like me who have stucked to the show since day 1 need closure as with any other long-running shows. Fans of the late vampire series Moonlight may find her voice familiar as she performed a song that was heavily featured in an episode there.

Many of the tracks she performed have made marks in the musical ears of fans so I feel we should list down some of those that really caught our fancy including covers:

Mar 28,  · Actress JESSICA LOWNDES’ relationship with comedian JON LOVITZ is reportedly just for work. The year-old actress teased her fans with a .

Actor, Singer-songwriter Date of Birth: Nov 8, Nicknames: An actress and singer-songwriter, Jessica Lowndes appeared in various film and television shows, until she was cast as a recurring character on ” “, the “Beverly Hills, ” spin-off, in She later became a series regular, and when not working on ” “, she performs and records original songs, as well as covers. Jessica Lowndes born November 8, is a Canadian actress, pop singer and song writer. She studied at Pacific Academy in Surrey and was included on People magazine’s list of World’s Most Beautiful People of , along with co-stars from the series Jessica Lowndes is of English, Ukrainian and German descent.

This was followed by a guest role in an episode of Masters of Horror, she was later cast in a recurring role on the sitcom Alice, I Think. She has since made guest appearances on Kyle XY. Lowndes also landed a recurring role in the series a spin-off of the 90s TV teen drama Beverly Hills, as Adrianna Tate-Duncan. In November , her role was upgraded to series regular.

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NewSwirl Last Updated On: Feb 21, Australian actor Daniel Lissing has been a rising talent from the moment he appeared in Australian TV series Crownies back in , and has since gone to star in American and Canadian films and series. His fame has fans wonder about his romantic life:

Oct 28,  · Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai Annual Spring Luncheon, Los Angeles, Apr 20 ‘

Post by BlueLick on Oct 27, 3: Pat Devine now completes his transition from being an active top decision maker to working more behind the scenes and away from the studio. Carole Haynes who was a previous owner of TCC before she died will now have her family’s business run by her little sister Chelsea Haynes who is only 23 years old which makes her two years younger than Jessica Lowndes who is going to turn 25 this November.

The young youthful leadership at ICE is always in question but for the most part this is proving to be a solid young group that will keep ICE at an elite level for many more years to come. Lowndes’ first duty as CEO was to fill the vacant Chairman position she left as she plans on now filling it with one of her closest girlfriends in Shenae Grimes who worked previously in the executive staff as a Starlets leader. Shenae Grimes who grew up a Toronto kid will now be working in her city as ICE’s newest Chairman which meant a lot to her as she cried on Wednesday about that decision from Lowndes.

Lowndes is also going to be slotting AnnaLynne McCord, her sidekick Alexandra Chando, and Jessica Stroup into executive positions also as all three of them are currently Starlets leaders.

Jessica Lowndes 27 and Jon Lovitz 58 Engaged!?