You can get the channel frequencies off the FCC website. Then I make one for them. Try not to OD on Seinfeld! J Lou 1 meter equals Just remove the insulation and straighten it out. I would put all wires, bow ties and the running wires, under the washers as you see in the photographs. Wherever wires touch, they should be bare to get a good electrical connection — EXCEPT where the two running wires cross.

How To Connect Your Roof Antenna to your Cable TV Wires and Keep Internet

There are various styles that the come in but most of them are actually flat and have a coax cable attached to them that goes into your favorite dvr recorder or directly into your TV to receive over the air hd channels that you can receive for free in your area that you normally would pay for. They tend to come in a 25 mile or 50 miles version. The only difference is that you will pay a little more to get the longer range. This will be necessary for some of you if you are a long ways from the closet tower.

It will come down to a personal preference as where you choose the location to store it.

You can then connect all the wires that connect to TV outlets to your antenna by using either a splitter or a distribution amplifier. Remember your house wires are your property so they are yours all the way to the cable company’s splitter.

This is an inexpensive device that will split your OTA signal into multiple sub-signals, allowing you to push free TV broadcasting to multiple TVs. So if you have a weak or marginal signal coming from your antenna, splitting it will have a negative effect. Finally the more distance the signal has to travel, the weaker the signal becomes. So fewer feet in coaxial cable, means stronger signal, equating to better picture quality. Be careful with 3-way splitters.

Signal loss can vary substantially across the three outputs. Meaning if used, two TVs could work fine, while the third would suffer from a weaker signal. I did some research and found an example of a Splitter that addresses this issue:

How to Improve Poor HD Antenna Reception

July 24, While cordcutting articles tend to focus on users getting rid of cable, there are just as many people anxious to ditch their satellite dishes. Folks new to the concept of Over-the-Air TV may wonder if they can reuse their dish for something other than creating a birdbath. The Answer Not really. Dishes are designed to capture encrypted digital signals from satellites orbiting the earth, not to receive unencrypted OTA television signals from local broadcast towers.

That being said, there are portions of your satellite installation that you may be able to salvage and repurpose as you make the cordcutting transition.

Network Tuner DVR. Whole planet DVR – watch and record live sports, news and the best new TV shows at the same time you watch Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.

Picture in picture TV’s have two tuner’s inside so you can view two channels, but they can only tune the analog channels from your cable company, and only if it’s hooked up in a manner that will permit this to happen. So you only have one digital tuner the Time Warner Box so you can only view one channel at a time even though your TV supports Picture in Picture. If you buy a coaxial cable splitter and split the cable before it goes into the Time Warner box you can then run a coax cable into both the Time Warner box and the coax input on your TV.

This would allow you to tune the analog Time Warner channels with both of your TV’s tuners. In my area I think the first 60 channels or so are still available in analog, but there is no way to watch any of the higher premium channels without the Time Warner box. If you go through these steps and you select the coax input on your TV your PIP will work on the lower channels. It MAY be possible to tell your TV to display the input from the composite cables on one of the PIP screens and the input from the coax on the other, but I kind of doubt it.

I know this sounds complicated and if you’re not familiar with the way all this works it is complicated. The reason lots of people won’t respond to this kind of question on this site is because there is no easy fix and by trying to help I run the risk of getting a bad rating. I don’t get paid for this, I just like trying to help, so if I have not explained this in a way that’s helpful to you please ask some additional questions before you give me a bad rating.

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5 Best TV Antennas

How to combine antennas that point in the same direction As described on the previous page, when a 2-way splitter is used as a combiner, 1. But something different happens when both antennas point at the same station Superposition Superposition is the technique for analyzing circuits that have multiple sources: You simply determine the output with the inputs activated one at a time, and then add together all the results.

By the Rules of Superposition you may sum voltages or currents but you must not sum power. If half of the input power is forwarded to the load, the load voltage will be smaller than the input voltage by 0.

HD TV ANTENNA INDOOR,GIAYOUNEER Updated Newest HDTV Digital 4K/P Antennas with Magnetic Ring to Lock Signal and Amplifier Booster, More .

You can use a flat screen TV. You can use a movie projector and movie screen. Basically anything you want to use to view either TV or a movie or sports programming. This is a stereo amplifier which you can connect your speakers and subwoofer. The Home Theater in a box is a complete surround sound system in one box.

In this case, the price will directly relate to the quality of the system. The less you pay the lower the sound quality and the reverse of that is maybe all you want is some background sound all around you. But, if you are looking for a solid sound quality plan to pay money for it. Onkyo has a real nice complete package minus the speaker wire for a reasonable price.

5 Tricks for Getting the Best Possible Reception with Your Indoor Antenna

To find out what type of signals you can expect, I recommend the TVFool. Just type in your address, and it calculates your coverage based on the terrain and known transmitters in the area. Click here for a copy of my report, showing what I can expect in the Provo, UT area.

These types of antennas work best when installed way up on a pole outside your home for best results. Check out this powerful outdoor multi-directional antenna from the Komando Shop. 4.

Brokerage fees will be collected separately by a border clearance service. Customer Reviews – Review by: Doug Rating This product vastly improved our reception for channels that were previously pixelated due to interference. We own 2 Mohu Leafs. I highly recommend this product and especially Mohu’s customer service! They are great and always willing to help.

It exceded all expectations.

How to Get HDTV Local Channels “Off Air” with DirecTV

Getting a true HDTV signal isn’t as simple as throwing up some wire and hoping to catch whatever’s near — it takes some smart placement and a few simple tweaks. Tweet While getting screwed by the likes of Comcast and DirectTV is practically a national past time, there are still a select few who’ve managed to escape the clutches of America’s media conglomerates. Call Grandpa crazy for using bunny ears all these years, but it looks like he was really on the cutting edge after all.

Picking up HDTV signals over-the-air is actually a totally viable method for watching TV these days, and depending on where your located, can actually give you a nice assortment of channels to augment your Netflix queue. In theory, you could use an old set of bunny ears to pick up a local high-definition signal, though you probably wouldn’t have all that much luck.

If the coaxial connection on your TV has broken, using a set-top box antenna connected using HDMI is the best way to continue watching over-the-air channels. If you have any other questions about coaxial connections please let me know in the comments section below.

When analog broadcasting evolved into digital broadcasting, so too did the indoor antenna from its traditional rabbit ear counterparts to a flat, square-shaped, thin antenna. Television antennas are created for either indoor or outdoor use. It is no secret, cable and satellite television can be expensive. The next time you get your cable or satellite bill, take a look at all those fees, taxes, and channel bundles your company has forced you to maintain.

Does that make the dish or cable box a bad thing? Of course not, but you may find that you’d like to keep things simple while maintaining access to the major networks, without having to pay absurd amounts of money to your provider each month. For that reason, why not go back to basics with a television antenna? Also referred to as a television aerial, a television antenna is an antenna specifically designed for the reception of over-the-air broadcast television signals.

These signals are typically transmitted in a frequency range between forty-one and two hundred fifty megahertz in the very high frequency VHF band, which is still currently used for digital television. In order for a television antenna to accommodate such a frequency range, it must be equipped with conductor elements of varying lengths. The length of an antenna’s conductors corresponds to the wavelengths the antenna is capable of receiving.

How to cut the cord for $10: installing an indoor antenna